Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lunatic Lock

Lunatic Lock

Gary Foshee

My copy was bought from Ebay, a real steal at around US$5/- plus, if my memory is correct. According to the packaging, it was made by Puzzle Makers International, Taiwan. Currently available from several online retailers including Bits & PiecesPuzzleMaster and Serious Puzzles.

Type & Classification
Trick/Puzzle Lock

7.5cm (Height) x 5.7cm (Width) x 1.2cm (Thickness).

Materials & Construction
Brushed aluminium for the lock body and steel for the shackle. Overall quality is slightly above average (for my copy) but everything works properly. Sure, it's not a Popplock..... but hey its also at least fifteen times cheaper!

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I must be one of the last bloggers to play with and review the Lunatic Lock. I have had this lock for some time now and only recently discovered it at the back of my puzzle closet.

This trick lock comes without a key nor a keyhole, but has a bolt sticking out underneath the shackle. So the only way to solve it would obviously have something to do with this particular bolt. Took me about half an hour or so of fiddling to figure out the solution.

If you compare it with the Popplock range, the internal mechanism can be considered relatively simple. But because it is hidden (unlike the Popplocks which is more sequential discovery oriented), it makes the solve a little bit more tricky. Nimble fingers and a soft touch would certainly help here.

Difficulty Level
While not a difficult puzzle lock, nonetheless it is no walk in the park by any means either and the beginner/casual puzzler would face some degree of challenge.

If you are not sure about whether you are going to like trick/puzzle locks, the Lunatic Lock is a very good introduction to the puzzle lock genre. Inexpensive and pain free to try before plonking down serious cash for the (much) more up-scale and very expensive Popplocks.


  1. Whilst the puzzling is quite good - especially for the price, I was quite disappointed by the quality. Quite roughly made, sharp edges and deeply scratched. It's a shame really - if they made a really nice version then it could sell for much more because the puzzle is quite tricky. It certainly took me much longer than you!


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  3. Agreed! The quality could be better.

  4. The Japanese company Chronos offered a nicer quality version of the Lunatic Lock (their #1) as well as another type (#2). I was able to get both from Torito some time ago, but it seems they no longer have them. One is pictured at the bottom of this chronos web page:


  5. Hi Rob, thanks for the link....yes the Japanese version looks nice. I am intrigued by the Mystic Bar puzzle...looks cool!