Wednesday 24 July 2013

Hanayama Cast Delta

Cast Delta

Kyoo Wong (Thanks to fellow puzzle blogger Roxanne Wong for this info). Why is it called Delta? Well it is shaped like the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.

Hanayama. Available from the traditional online puzzle retailers like PuzzleMaster. But Ebay does have several sellers dealing in Hanayama puzzles and some are really very good value for money, particularly if you buy several different ones at a time, which makes the combined shipping really worthwhile. I got mine for US$10.50 together with four other puzzles in the series.

Type & Classification
Interlocking; take-part

Triangular shaped, each side approximately 5.6cm with a thickness of 1cm.

Materials & Construction
Made of brass. Quality of construction, finish and fit is overall very good. It is finished with an aged bronzed look which I like very much, similar to the Cast News I reviewed a while back. The appearance gives the puzzle a high quality appearance, as compared to some of the other Hanayama ones with a shiny chrome/gold look the latter which in my opinion, is just not as nice.

I am not a hard core fan of Hanayama puzzles but there some designs I would just have to get simply because its made of metal (and I am a sucker for metal puzzles) and the puzzle is aesthetically pleasing, which the Delta is.

The Delta consist of 3 identical shaped pieces interlocked and the object of course is to separate the three. When you start playing with it, you will find that you can separate the three pieces apart to some extent, and even see some of the insides. You roughly know what you need to do. However this is not enough to give you a good idea how the pieces are to come apart.

It took me the whole evening of pulling and tugging before I finally managed to disengage the three pieces. Basically a lot of trial and error. Some dexterity is also needed. I won't say what else is also needed so as not to leave any unnecessary spoiler.

Difficulty Level
Hanayama rates the Delta at 3-stars but I think it should be more like 4. Simply because repeat solving is still very difficult even though I know the solution and the steps needed. It took me another evening before I got it unlocked again the second time. I don't know, It may well be because I am not doing it right?

Nice well-made puzzle that is easily pocket-able. But can be very frustrating and tedious because its not easily re-solvable. Constant practice would certainly help.

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