Wednesday 15 January 2014

Pair Dance

Pair Dance

Osanori Yamamoto. Osanori has designed to-date 167 puzzles!

Eric Fuller. Website 40 copies were made, each priced at US$37, currently sold out.

Type & Classification

3.8cm (Length) x 4.2cm (Width) x  5.2cm (Height). Small but easy to handle .

Materials & Construction
Two versions were offered in exotic contrasting solid woods; Jatoba/Purpleheart and Walnut/Imbuya. Very well constructed with bevelled edges. Fit is good; pieces move smoothly, but those in high humidity countries would no doubt want to "dry out" their puzzle if possible before playing. 


I like this one because....

1. Well made
2. Only 3 pieces
3. Not difficult
4. Inexpensive (well relatively anyway)
5. I didn't have to use Burr Tools

This week was a difficult and busy one for me at work, so as I looked at my more recent puzzle haul (most of them complicated interlocking burrs) and deciding which one to puzzle with, I went straight for the Pair Dance without hesitation. As Eric had stated in his website:-

Pair Dance is a fun little distraction with a level 14 solution. It's not nearly as difficult as that may sound since there are only two pieces. Approachable and interesting, I'm glad I made this little gem!

Eric was right. I got the two pieces out of the frame within 5 minutes or so, but took about 10 to fit them back in correctly. To solve, you need to manipulate the two pieces relative to each other within the frame, requiring 14 moves (I didn't count). During reassembly, if you get them wrong side up,'ll need to release the pieces and start over.

Difficulty Level
Some challenge but by no means that difficult. This is one of those puzzles if you keep at it and persist, you'll eventually get it.

Nice puzzle that you can solve repeatedly quite easily once you get the orientation of the pieces correct. I think its a very good puzzle for those looking to get into more serious burrs.

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