Tuesday, 26 August 2014

IPP34 - Nob Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition

All IPPs, since 2001 have featured a puzzle design competition, the aim which is "to promote and recognize innovative new designs of mechanical puzzles"

This year's IPP34 in London saw a total of 63 entries from puzzle designers around the world. Unlike the other "main" events of IPP, ie the Puzzle Exchange and Puzzle Party, anyone (subject to some guidelines) can submit a design (up to a maximum of 2) for the competition, regardless of whether he is an IPP attendee or not. 

Of these 63 entries, 8 were also Exchange puzzles. I wonder why there are not more Exchange Puzzle participants who submit their puzzle designs for the competition (at least for those who are using their own original, and not adopting someone else's design)? Especially since exchange puzzles must not have been made public or commercially available, versus competition designs, which must not have been in the public domain for more than 2 years preceding the competition.

Of the handful of awards given out, the Puzzlers' Award is the only one selected by IPP attendees who have a chance over the few days of the event to review and judge the designs. The rest are decided by a panel of judges.

For photos and descriptions of the 63 design entries this year and the award winners, click here.

Below are photos of attendees reviewing the various designs. Solutions accompany the designs, so puzzlers won't get stuck. 

Winners are announced during the Awards Dinner on the third evening.

My 7 seconds of fame during the Awards Dinner

My selfie with Kyoo Wong (left) who won the Jury's Grand Prize for his Cast U&U design

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