Friday, 19 December 2014


I had some success with my Dinosaur Egg puzzle, so I thought I would try another "egg" puzzle again.

This time it was the "TrEGGony", the Exchange Puzzle of Juozas Granskas at IPP34. It's a 7-piece packing puzzle comprising six triangles of various shapes and sizes egg, all laser cut from (cherry) wood I think. Fit of the pieces is perfect and quality is very good.

TrEGGony is a word play on Tregony, a village in Cornwall, England. The photo on the packaging shows a picture of the Tregony Gallery, which is an art gallery in Tregony. There must have been a reason why Juozas chose Tregony for the name of his puzzle, aside from the pun...but I am not sure what it is.

Object of course is to get all the seven pieces into the tray flush. Unlike the previous Dinosaur Egg, I had absolutely no luck with TrEGGony. But luckily the solution came with the puzzle. One look and I knew I was way off base.

I am not that good at packing puzzles, so I found it very difficult, especially with seven pieces.

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