Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hexangular Jam

This Valentine's Day weekend I was playing with another of Hirokazu Iwasawa's (Iwahiro) Jam puzzles. This time the Hexangular Jam. A gift from a puzzling friend who lives in Japan. I really like this Jam puzzle series; they look so deceptively simple with pieces cut into simple shapes, yet its anything but simple. However, its not so frustratingly difficult either. Even if you are new to Jam puzzles, with a bit of persistence, you will eventually be able to solve them.

Start Position

My copy is the original MDF version (a number of later copies are made of acrylic or plastic and some of the versions make use of CD cases). Although made of MDF, the construction fit and finish is very good with Iwahiro's signature burnt into the wood.

Like the previous two Jam puzzles reviewed earlier, the Rightangular Jam and Rectangular Jam, the Hexangular Jam involves getting the yellow hex shaped piece out through the slit at the front side of the tray. However, blocking its exit are three other similar hex shaped pieces.

Puzzlers familiar with the Jam puzzle series would know that there is a "trick" to all the Jam puzzles which provides a very elegant solution. No different here. Don't know the trick and you can end up taking an hour (or more) instead of a few minutes.