Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lion Claw

This weekend was filled with family and other commitments so I decided that my puzzle for a Sunday evening should be something I can solve easily (and without Burr Tools). 

My choice was Yavuz Demirhan's Lion Claw, a relatively easy but great looking Level 5.2.2 interlocking burr. My copy was made from Canarywood by Brian Menold and it came courtesy of Brian when I ordered from him Jos Bergmans' Garmbaad. The pieces of this particular copy were apparently a tad too "loose" and hence did not pass the QC for sale on his website. But for Singapore weather, it was just fine; the high humidity made the puzzle pleasantly snug fitting but smooth sliding!

This is a relatively large puzzle and felt great in the hands. The object is to disassemble the 4 pieces. Not difficult (excellent for a non-burrist like me) and I got them apart in a jiffy. Putting it together required a bit of experimentation, but it was back to the solved state quite quickly, and I managed without any aids. 

Lion Claw with all 4 of its pieces congruent is a great novice's or beginner's burr (the sort of burr that I like). Also built thick and tough like a tank, so no fear of abuse.

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