Monday 6 April 2015

When Is A Burr Not A Burr?

Answer: When it's Primitivo Familiar Ramo's "Murtbiter's Pseudo-Burr". 

This is my second puzzle from Primitivo, the first being his Twin Box Pentominoes, made by Brian Menold of Wood WondersThe Pseudo-Burr was also Primitivo's IPP34 Exchange Puzzle!

Consisting of four congruent pieces and a cube, the puzzle gets its name from the fact that when put together, it looks like any other ordinary six piece burr. But its not! The pieces are actually cubes cut and glued together and quality is reasonably good. Primitivo's batch of exchange puzzles were made by Vaclav Obsivac of Vinco Puzzles.

The puzzle came unsolved, so the object is to assemble it to look like a burr. Its not a very difficult puzzle and I managed to solve it in under ten minutes. Certainly some logical thinking of how the pieces should fit with each other would help. The accompanying instructions and diagram shows the final shape of the burr. But this is one of those puzzles that with some persistence, you would eventually discover the solution. Nonetheless, still a bit tricky trying to figure out the four identical pieces. Kudos to Primitivo for coming up with such an interesting design!

From this to the "burr" above
Again, a puzzle "with just the right level of difficulty appropriate for an exchange puzzle". Quite easy to solve repeatedly after you have gotten it the first time round. And oh, if anyone knows the meaning of "Murbiter", please feel free to drop me a comment, thanks.

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