Monday 7 September 2015

Quadrant I

Quadrant I is the first of my eighty-eight Exchange Puzzles that I am playing with since coming home from IPP35 in Canada last month.

This was Eric Fuller's exchange puzzle and was designed by Turkish designer, Yavuz Demirhan. At last count, he has 422 of his designs uploaded to PWBP.

Its made of maple, walnut and cherry and roughly about 7.5 cm square and 3.5 cm thick. Coming from Eric himself, the quality of construction and finish is top notch no less. Everything is very precise and all the pieces fit and slide smoothly with just a hint of snugness.

The object of Quadrant I is to disassemble and reassemble the four pieces, each of which comprises a sandwich of three blocks (rather similar to the Road Blocks in the previous post). But the pieces here go round and interlock with a square ring instead of falling into a box as a packing puzzle.

At level 6 with a total of 15 moves, this is not a difficult puzzle. Once you understand how the pieces move and are extracted, it is pretty manageable and when the first piece comes out, the rest follow suit easily. The small number of moves to take out the first piece also makes it relatively easier to remember the reverse sequence for re-assembly. No Burr Tools needed here...hooray!

For non-burrist like myself, the Quadrant I is a great puzzle and really appropriate as an exchange puzzle, with just the right level of difficulty. Experienced puzzlers should have no problem with this one.


  1. I love these types of puzzles. I hope he offers some at the next cubic dissection update.

    1. Steven, I think Eric will do so, he may well have extra copies of Quadrant I