Friday, 10 June 2016

Treasure Chest

This trick opening puzzle box is called Treasure Chest. And indeed there is stuff to be found and solved inside apart from opening the chest.

Treasure Chest is the exchange puzzle of Elaine Summerday at IPP35 last year. Its a relatively large puzzle measuring 20cm x 12cm  x 6.5cm. The top of the box has a plastic covered hole with a sticker atop. While this hole has nothing to do with the solving process, I am informed that perhaps the hole is there because the wood used may have been recycled from something else. Going green- good!

There are a two main goals for Treasure Chest; one of course is to open the box and the second is to solve a couple of other challenges found inside the box.

Actually the opening is rather tricky and the solution eluded me for a while as I examined every nook and cranny to find a way to move a panel or something. Eventually I did find it and I must say it is pretty well disguised. Hence there is no picture here of the opened box as it would most certainly contain a spoiler.

Once the box has been opened, there you will find a second puzzle and this one is in the form of a Raketti clone. A rather interesting version; using something resembling the cross-section of a tree trunk to form a ring with a wooden ball inside.

The rest of the tasks all relate to solving this puzzle, namely, to remove the ball out of the ring without touching the ball nor the ring. Those who know how to solve the Raketti would have no problem with this. Those who don't will find this step difficult or even impossible!

Elaine also included two pamphlets inside the box which mainly deal with geocaching activities, again nothing to do with the puzzle at hand but extra information and activities for any puzzler who may be interested in geocaching.


  1. Interesting to see the puzzles inside. I still haven't gotten my box open!

  2. Yes, the opening of the box stumped me for a while...quite a surprise actually