Saturday, 13 August 2011


The word "Bougie" (thanks to Oli for letting me know) is French for spark-plug. 

I acquired this Jean Claude Constantine designed puzzle from PuzzleMaster. Made out of what I think is Paduak, the puzzle consists of a spark-plug enclosed by an orange coloured wooden frame with two horizontal metal rods running across from one side of the frame to other. The puzzle is slightly larger than a standard spark-plug and measures about 3 7/8 inches tall, 1 7/8 inches wide and 1 inch in depth. Overall the puzzle is relatively well made with a nice finish. The only complain I have is that the rods have some slight scratches and marks which I can't seem to get rid of. As to whether the spark-plug is usable, that unfortunately I cannot tell, although the spark-plug does look new and shinny.

The object of the puzzle is of course to get the spark-plug out of its framed enclosure. PuzzleMaster rates it as a level 6 and I agree. For someone with experience with puzzles, it is relatively easy to discover the solution; the kind of mechanism which is familiar and common to several other wooden puzzles.  This is one of those puzzles which somehow I knew what to do the moment I unpacked it and managed to get the spark-plug out in almost a jiffy.

From a puzzling aspect, it does not provide too much of a challenge for any puzzle enthusiast. But from a display standpoint, I think it is a rather unique combination of wood and metal, and definitely will get a conversation started. 

Calling all spark-plug manufacturers out there - Bosch, Denso, Autolite, Champion, NGK etc - use this puzzle to showcase your brand! But of course don't forget the royalty payments to Mr JCC.


  1. The word 'Bougie' is French for spark plug. :)

  2. Hi Oli, thanks. I first thought it must mean something related to the spark plug but couldn't find any reference on the internet on this...maybe my search was wrong.



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