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Jakub Dvorak & Jaroslav Svejkovsky; Pelikan, from the Czech Republic.

Pelikan. Apart from many of their own designs including the Egg, reviewed in this blog, they also manufacture numerous wooden puzzles from various other well known puzzle designers.

Type & Classification

13.4 cm (Length) x 11 cm (Width) x 10 cm (Height).

Materials & Construction
The puzzle comprises of two different types of hard woods for colour contrast; the lighter which is Ash and darker Acacia Overall quality, construction, fit and finish is very good. Everything is precisely cut and all the pieces fit nicely and snugly.

The Elephant consist of 11 pieces of various shapes and sizes which interlock to form the shape of an elephant. There is some order tho' to disassembling the pieces and the reverse is required to put everything back together again. The contrasting colours of the pieces however aid in the solving.

Creating a puzzle shaped like an elephant appears to be rather popular as there are several other burr/interlocking Elephant puzzles around; the Kumiki Elephant and Little Game Hunter by Robert Yarger, Burrlephant by Jerry McFarland and Umeko by Yoh Kakuda.

Difficulty Level
Fun and easy but the way some of the pieces are shaped makes it a wee bit slightly tricky. Almost like a burr but definitely no Burr Tools required here.

Physically a fairly large and heavy puzzle which also makes for a decent display piece.

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