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Cast Twist

Cast Twist

Oskar van Deventer. More than any other puzzle designer, Oskar has designed over 12 Cast series puzzles for Hanayama to-date

Hanayama. Released in October 2013, the Cast Twist is available from the usual online puzzle retailers. My copy came from Sloyd of Finland. 

What is pleasantly surprising is that Hanayama has improved their packaging contents to include an instruction sheet (which previously did not exist) which explains what to do with the puzzle. In 7 languages including Russian. Thumbs Up!

Type & Classification

Take-part; interlocking

4.0cm round.

Materials & Construction
Made of zinc alloy (I think), the puzzle is made up of two parts, one is covered in shiny chrome, while the other has a brassy finish. Quality of construction, finish and fit is very good. 

It's named the Cast Twist because to solve it, you literally have to twist the two parts (each resembling a bloated horse-shoe) around each other.

The Twist comes "pre-twisted" together, ie interlocked. The object of course is to separate the two parts. To do this, you slide the protrusion on one of the parts within the grooves which spiral around the other and vice-versa, simultaneously, sort of like meshing the two pieces together. Hard to explain but I think the pictures tell it better.

Upon inspection, their appear to be 3 possible ways to separate the two pieces, but in reality two are dead ends (as I discovered) which leaves only one solution. This one took me about 20 minutes of fiddling to find my way through.

Difficulty Level
Hanayama rates the Twist at 4-stars (out of 6). I am more inclined to give it a 4.5 instead. Fairly challenging. The re-assembly is as hard if not harder than the taking apart. But one of those puzzles that with some persistence you will solve it in the end.

The instruction sheet claims that the "asymmetrical design will mesmerize you and bewilder your memory"...well the Twist certainly mesmerized me of sorts with its curves, but not sure if I was bewildered tho'. Nonetheless a nice puzzle to add to your Cast collection.

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