Saturday 29 August 2015

Flower String Puzzle

I got this puzzle from Henry Strout at IPP35 in Canada early this month. Not sure what is the name and should have asked but I didn't. I am terrible at string/wire puzzles and I am not sure why I even bought this but I guess the magenta flower-shaped piece attracted me. Its really thick, hefty and solid plastic (ABS resin?). If I couldn't solve it, I can always cut away the string and use the flower for something else right?

The goal of this flower string puzzle is to remove the wooden stick from the flower. Anyway it didn't look that complicated and it was very inexpensively priced so I picked up what appeared to be the last one on Henry's table. he had a few others but they looked much tougher, so I left them alone.

Last evening, I gave it a go while watching TV. I fumbled with this puzzle for a while trying to understand where the loops went. Even tho' at first glance, it looked impossible (like most string/wire puzzles), I knew there was a trick to it. I thought about it in a logical fashion and determined there was really only one way to untangle the lot...and it worked. Got it apart and even managed to get it back to together pretty fast. Finished my TV show and went to bed feeling satisfied.

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