Sunday, 16 August 2015

IPP35 Puzzle Party

Unlike the Puzzle Exchange which is  limited to the Exchange participants and their assistants, the Puzzle Party, which takes place the day after is open too all IPP invitees, their spouses, partners and guests etc. 

Again, for a run-down of what the Puzzle Party is like, what happens and the sort of puzzles that go on sale, check out my post on last year's (IPP34) event. Here's an excerpt from the said post:-

...Puzzles for sale typically fall into the following categories:-

1. Leftover (or extra) exchange puzzles - great for exchange assistants who were "so close yet so far" from the exchanged ones.

2. Leftover exchange puzzles from previous IPPs, some going back several or more years....

3. Collectors' pre-loved or unwanted puzzles.

4. Puzzles from commercial puzzle retailers. Great bargains here sometimes as they are usually a bit cheaper during IPP and you don't have to pay shipping.

5. Old, current and new puzzles from puzzle designers and craftsmen

6. Copies of the design competition puzzles

...The Party is like a high end flea market with puzzles strewn all over the tables. Sellers are making their sales pitches and buyers are touching and feeling everything in sight and asking lots of questions. There is polite and gentle shoving and pushing here and there as everyone jostles within the narrow aisles. Everybody is eager to cover as much ground as possible within the first half hour, which is the most crucial to securing a desired or prized puzzle...

Here are the photos I took during the Party. As usual, there was a huge and wonderful array of puzzles for sale.

Even before the doors opened at 9am, the crowds were already in eager anticipation for the Party to start

Zandraa Tumen-Ulzil & family. Look at those chess sets!!

David & Nicole Pitcher

Robert Sandfield

Bernhard Schweitzer (Puzzlewood)

Perry & Chance McDaniel. The three trays on the left are real candy/chocolates while the rest are puzzle boxes

Yvon Pelleteir. No, he wasn't selling any puzzles, just showcasing some of his gorgeous work

Yvon Pelletier & Jerry MacFarland

Tim & Simon Bexfield

Gred Benedetti & Raymond Stanton

Paulette Bobroff. What is that huge round thing???

Eitan Cher

From Left - Stephen Chin, David Pullen, Alison Bell & George Bell

Pavel Curtis (Pavel's Puzzles)

Tom van der Zanden

Brad & Scott Elliot

Puzzles from Henry Strout

Allen Stein (PuzzleMaster)

William Waite (Puzzlemist)

Kelly Snache (Soul Tree Creations)

Joop van der Vaart

Larry Siedman

From Left - Susumu Kimura, Naoaki Takashima, Lixy Yamada & Meiko Kimura (Torito)

Kate Jones (Gamepuzzles)

Olga Krasnoukhova

Emrihan Halici

Brian Young (Mr Puzzle) & Simon Nightingale

Steve Nicholls (Threedy)

George Miller, Bob Hearn with Oskar van Deventer (on the laptop screen) 

Wil Strijbos

Eric Fuller ( & Silvery Draco

Iwahiro Iwasawa

David Litwin & Rob Stegman

John Rausch

Naoaki Takashima & Lixy Yamada