Monday, 28 December 2015

2015 Karakuri Christmas Present #6 - Rectangular Box

Note: Most puzzlers would have received their Christmas presents by now, however, in order not to reveal any spoilers, there will be no photo(s) of the solved puzzle posted here. Instead there is a password protected link further down the page for you to click on should you wish to see them.

Rectangular Box. Sorry for such a lousy working name, but I couldn't think of anything else which will not give any clues away. Name to be confirmed.

Hideaki Kawashima

Type & Classification
Trick Opening Puzzle Box

11cm x 6cm x 6cm

Materials & Construction
There's a bit of purpleheart here and there but I can't really tell what is the wood used for the overall build. More information once the solution/specs are sent to me early 2016. Construction fit and finish is excellent with nice detailing and everything slides smoothly as intended. 

To find the hidden compartment. A whopping 16 moves (thanks to Brett and Oli for highlighting this to me; I had missed the last 4 steps) required to solve the puzzle completely.

WARNING: The link here shows the solved state of the puzzle. Password - kawashima
There are spoilers. DO NOT click on the link if you do not wish to see it. Also DO NOT click on the comments below as there are spoilers in the comments.

Difficulty Level
Moderately difficult, by far the most challenging, compared to the previous 5 presents.

This is my first puzzle by Kawashima. A rather unusual puzzle box with quite a number of moves by Karakuri Christmas Presents standard. Quite a fair bit to do here. Very tricky to the last and requires careful observation to get the moves right. Got me stumped for a while. IMHO, this is the level of difficulty appropriate for a Christmas present, not easy yet sufficiently difficult to let puzzlers feel they are really getting puzzling value for money.

For information on Karakuri Christmas Presents generally, please click here.


  1. There are four compartments in all (which I only knew to look for due to a tip from another puzzler). Did you find all four?

  2. Now, did you notice that there were 4 hidden compartments? I had no idea there were more than 2 till someone told me! I love it when that happens.