Sunday, 20 December 2015

2015 Karakuri Present #1 - "Book"


Tatsuo Miyamoto (on his 2014 Christmas present, click here)

Type & Classification
Trick Opening Puzzle Box

10.5cm x 12cm x 4.5cm

Materials & Construction
A combination of exotic hardwoods with contrasting colours including what appears to be walnut and paduak. More information once the solution/specs are sent to me early 2016.

Construction fit and finish is excellent. All panels slide smoothly and are very precisely joined. With nice finishing touches like a spine label, the puzzle really looks every bit like a real book!

The objective here is to "open" the book. 4 moves are required before the box is solved and the "pages" slide out revealing a cavity which can hold small items. There are two circular cut-outs so the designer intended for small pieces of paper, cards etc to kept inside and easily taken out.

Difficulty Level
For anyone who has had some experience with trick opening or Japanese puzzle boxes, its pretty easy.

Miyamoto's 2015 Christmas present has a nearly similar mechanism to his 2014 puzzle but with a couple of more steps added this year. And applied to a different object. Very nice indeed and a great display piece!

For information on Karakuri Christmas Presents generally, please click here.


  1. Hi Jerry, too easy puzzle unfortunately. It requires 3 moves and not 5 by the way...

    See u,