Thursday 21 January 2016



Goh Pit Khiam. 

Manufacturer & Availability
My copy was made by Eric Fuller. A total of 39 copies were made and sold for $57 each. Currently none available.

Type & Classification
2D packing 

3.8in x 3.8in x 0.8in

Materials & Construction
The tray is made of Maple while the pieces are Yellowheart, Bubinga, Paduak and Walnut. The tray has a top and bottom transparent acrylic cover. Construction and quality as usual is first rate with everything precisely and accurately cut.

No spoiler here showing the solved state, since the
challenge is to pack the pieces into the tray
This is another Goh Pit Khiam classic, following the likes of Retrofit and the IPP33 award winning Dancing Shoes. Puzzlers who have played with Goh's packing puzzles know that they are always in for a surprise since Goh's packing puzzles are anything but the typical.

The object is to pack the 5 pieces (4 which are identical) into the tray. The tray has a clear cover with a square hole the size which is just enough for each of the pieces to go through.

Difficulty Level
IMHO, more than moderately difficult but very tricky. Fusion is by far the most challenging of the three, as compared to Retrofit and Dancing Shoes. It took me a while to figure this one out. For anyone who has not experienced a Goh packing puzzle, he/she may take a really long time to solve Fusion, or not even at all. Again, some thinking outside the box (tray) is necessary here but ultimately, what needs to be done is inside the tray that matters.

Some folks are good at designing high level burrs while others are good at designing packing puzzles. Fusion is another great design from someone who manages to do both well. 

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