Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Green Apple

This is an all metal puzzle which I acquired from Wil Strijbos. Measuring just about 11/4 inch at its widest and 11/2 inches tall including the stalk, I got it more for its cute factor than anything else. It does possess the shape and outline of a real apple and there are 3 colours in the range to choose from including red and yellow. Construction, quality and finish are excellent and feels decently heavy for its size.

The object of the puzzle is to get a gold coloured ring out from within the apple. Hardly the coolest looking piece of jewellery around, but the ring does fit my right 4th finger quite nicely, so I may just decide to wear it now and again.. While I would not consider this to be a very difficult puzzle, it still does pose a reasonable challenge. Looking at the external surface of the apple (which is not obvious in the photograph), the aim is to split the apple into two halves to remove the ring inside. At first sight it would seem impossible to take the apple apart given the way the two halves are joined together ...but then again, looks are sometimes deceiving. Once you have figured out the way to split the two halves, which I think is rather unique, its quite easy to solve the puzzle repeatedly. Overall the apple is a nice puzzle cum keepsake, with a ring you can wear thrown in for good measure.


  1. Jerry,
    I didn't know that there was a ring in it when I got it - I thought it was part of a complex locking mechanism (I got it at the same time as the Aluminium cylinder).
    The ring has a little magic to it. Put it on your finger and whilst staring at it, rotate it round and round your finger - it will appear to expand or contract, depending on the direction you turn it!

    All the best
    Kevin (aka The Puzzler)

  2. Kevin, thanks for the tip. Let me try wear the ring now and try!

  3. I opened my apple, but how to re-lock it? Now it comes apart very easily. I guess Wil ran out of rings, mine just has a few ball bearings inside.

  4. I've got a different version of this puzzle. No ring or compartment inside. VERY simple to take apart.

  5. Hi George,

    A bit late, but you can lock it. If you don't know how,.... you just didn't discover the solution yet.

    Best regards,