Thursday 2 November 2023

PuzzleMaster has done it again...a new Kickstarter Campaign this time featuring well-known puzzle designer Oskar van Deventer's Honeycomb take apart-put togther puzzle. 

I have seen this version of Oskar's puzzle in 3D printed format (aka the Screw Pack) and there is a video of this 3D puzzle on YouTube ( But this latest version from PuzzleMaster is made entirely of metal. Not to mention it is very difficult to solve! It is also very reasonably priced considering its a high quality precision made metal puzzle. Here's the Kickstater link below:

Aside from the Honeycomb puzzle which backers can purchase on its own, PuzzleMaster has also a number of special package deals consisting of different combination of different metal puzzles, all with discounts offered. Take a look at what's on offer!