Sunday, 26 June 2011


At first sight, Jailbreak looks like a precision component part of some complicated industrial machinery. Although measuring slightly less than 2 3/4 inches in height and 1 1/8 inch across, the puzzle is pretty heavy and has a hefty feel to it. I have wanted one of these and managed to acquire one from Sloyd as they appear to be the only online retailer that had a few units available.

Two circular brass blocks are connected by 5 steel solid tubes (looking like a cage) and within the cage sits a brass ball bearing on a support attached to the lower block.

As the name implies, the object of the puzzle is to get the brass ball bearing inside the "jail" out. The puzzle itself comes with instructions on how to do this. But even without them, it would not take very long to figure out the mechanics of the construction (and mechanism) to figure a way out for the brass ball bearing.

This is not a very difficult puzzle but would still pose a bit of a challenge in the beginning. Jailbreak is pretty solidly constructed and the quality and finish is good. Overall, a nice item to collect.

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  1. It looks very similar to the Alcatraz puzzle. I found this one really difficult to solve due to the huge amount of force required to do it. I hope this one didn't require such force.