Saturday, 2 August 2014

Vinco Packing Puzzles

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During my last purchase of some Vinco puzzles (including the Cross Box and 18 Dutch Mills) a while back, I also added three in-expensive packing puzzles to the haul for good measure.

Rectangle AC1

Consisting of 7 pieces and made of various woods which may include Oak, Elm, Larch, Walnut, Ash, Pear, Cherry and Vinco's favourite, Plum. This is not your regular packing puzzle consisting of square blocks or units. Instead as I discovered, the pieces comprise triangular cuts and shapes, making the packing a lot harder than what it looks at first sight. Nope, Burr Tools wouldn't help here.

Octagon AC

Similar to the Rectangle AC1 where the shapes and pieces are concerned, this one ups the difficulty quotient with 9 pieces. Harder still because they have to fit inside an Octagon frame....most of us (well I am) are used to the more normal square or rectangle ones.


The most difficult of the three here with a whopping 16 pieces of mixed shapes. And also the largest!

The AC1 cost 7 euros, Octagon AC is 8 euros and HCP1, 9 euros. These are prices as quoted on Vinco's site. Superb value for money! Both Puzzlemaster of Canada and Mr Puzzle of Australia also carry a range of Vinco puzzles including the ones mentioned here. You may also contact Bernhard Schweitzer of Puzzlewood for some of Vinco's older packing puzzle designs. 

While all three puzzles are well constructed with good fit, they are not your premium quality puzzles (which Vinco also has) as reflected by the prices; so don't expect them to be like the Eric Fuller or Pelikan wood puzzles. Excellent for the budget concious puzzle collector tho'.... if there is even such a thing....


  1. Hi Jerry
    If you want some more of the older designs from Vinco´s packing Problems don´t hesitate to ask I have a few left over for friends
    cubefan Bernhard

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    2. Hi Bernhard, thanks for the info. Blog post updated.