Saturday, 27 September 2014

Accordion 3.5

This one came from my last batch of puzzles from Eric Fuller. Designed by William Hu, the Accordion 3.5 sports a very nice colour contrast through the use of White Oak and Chakte Viga (hmm...never heard of this exotic wood). 

Built to very tight tolerances with very fine sharp edges, the quality and construction is excellent throughout. Careful handling is needed for this one.

Only 4 irregular shaped pieces, this is a level 9.3 interlocking burr. In terms of difficulty, not difficult, especially if you are familiar with some of William Hu's other puzzles such as the Ring Lock. You will probably figure out quite quickly how and what needs to be done. For the uninitiated, may pose a serious challenge tho'


  1. I liked this puzzle but did find that the rotational move required is so tight that it has made a scratch on the piece that it moves past! That is unless I have made an error and found an alternative solution!


    1. Kevin, this is surprising since it's usually me that finds tightness due to the humidity in Singapore. I did not find the rotation piece tight in my copy tho’. Assuming there is no expansion and Eric had cut precisely, the rotation piece should rotate pretty smoothly and easily.