Sunday, 8 February 2015

Pink Ivory Ring

This beautiful puzzle was designed by Ken Irvine and made by Tom Lensch. It's called the Pink Ivory Ring; because one of the three woods used is Pink Ivory, for the square ring. The other two are Aspen and Cocobolo. 

Construction fit and finish is top notch and the Pink Ivory Ring feels very big and weighty in the hands. The photos don't do justice to the puzzle; on my copy, the Pink Ivory really makes the ring look pretty in pink.

This is a seven piece interlocking puzzle with the ring as the center piece restraining two congruent sets of pieces; the two aspen (white) and four Cocobolo. Object is to dissemble the puzzle.

It is not very difficult by any means but it could be tricky for some. Burr Tools won't help you here so you can probably guess what sort of moves this puzzle requires. It has a level 7 solution (ie 7 moves to remove the first piece) and a total of 23 moves to completely take apart the puzzle. Once the first two pieces are out, that's where the puzzle gets a bit tricky. The four pieces don't just come out like the first two did. They only come out after some rather nifty maneuvering within the ring itself. 

Because there are only six pieces and the four dark pieces are the same shape, it is not too difficult to remember the sequence of moves to reassemble the puzzle. Re-solvable without too much trouble, once you have figured out the solution of course.

Overall a fun puzzle with not only an elegant appearance but also an elegant solution. Together with great craftsmanship, definitely a must have for collectors. (May still be) available from Tom Lensch.

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