Friday, 31 July 2015


This puzzle is called "Boot". Very appropriate. Designed by Kohfuh Satoh, this was shown and loaned to me by Goh Pit Khiam during the Singapore Puzzle Party (SPP#1) a week ago.

This type of puzzle is generally classified as a "put together" puzzle and this is the first time I am playing with this puzzle genre where the object is to form a shape with the given pieces. In this instance, there are just four pieces, all odd-shaped and the goal is to form the "boot" shown.

The pieces are made of a certain kind of plastic (not acrylic) and it comes with its own case, with a "boot" glued to the lid.

I would imagine that solving this would be easier than puzzles that require arrangement of the pieces to form a "symmetrical" shape, of which there are quite a number in existence. While easier, since you can see what shape is required, it is not that easy. The pieces are shaped in a way that makes this puzzle rather tricky. It took me several minutes to solve it.

For a first timer like me, this is really a great puzzle to play with. Not too difficult and rather fun. The Boot would make a great exchange puzzle; relatively easy to mass produce and transport.

If anyone wants to see what the solution is, please feel free to PM me.

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