Friday 31 July 2015


This puzzle is called "Boot". Very appropriate. Designed by Kohfuh Satoh, this was shown and loaned to me by Goh Pit Khiam during the Singapore Puzzle Party (SPP#1) a week ago.

This type of puzzle is generally classified as a "put together" puzzle and this is the first time I am playing with this puzzle genre where the object is to form a shape with the given pieces. In this instance, there are just four pieces, all odd-shaped and the goal is to form the "boot" shown.

The pieces are made of a certain kind of plastic (not acrylic) and it comes with its own case, with a "boot" glued to the lid.

I would imagine that solving this would be easier than puzzles that require arrangement of the pieces to form a "symmetrical" shape, of which there are quite a number in existence. While easier, since you can see what shape is required, it is not that easy. The pieces are shaped in a way that makes this puzzle rather tricky. It took me several minutes to solve it.

For a first timer like me, this is really a great puzzle to play with. Not too difficult and rather fun. The Boot would make a great exchange puzzle; relatively easy to mass produce and transport.

If anyone wants to see what the solution is, please feel free to PM me.

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