Wednesday, 23 December 2015

2015 Karakuri Christmas Present #3 - Gentleman Crocodile

Note: As quite a number of puzzlers (mainly in the US and Europe) have not received their Christmas presents, there will be no photo(s) of the solved puzzle posted here so as not to spoil their surprise. Instead there is a link further down the page for you to click on should you wish to see it

Gentleman Crocodile (as stated on the label of the box)

Yun Kakuda (on her 2014 Christmas present, click here)

Type & Classification
Trick Opening Puzzle Box

16.5cm x 5cm x 4.5cm

Materials & Construction
Not sure what is the wood used but it looks like acacia wood for the whole crocodile and bits of walnut and maple for the hat on its head. More information once the solution/specs are sent to me early 2016.

Construction fit and finish is excellent. All panels slide smoothly and are very precisely joined. 

The objective here is to find and locate a secret compartment within the crocodile. 4 moves are required to solve the puzzle.

WARNING: The link here shows the solved state of the puzzle. Password - yunkakuda
There are spoilers. DO NOT click on the link if you do not wish to see it.

Difficulty Level
Pretty tricky to find the secret compartment. Very well hidden and not obvious at all.

Typical of Kaduda's designs, this is another animal themed puzzle. Great looking with a rather clever and cool mechanism.

For information on Karakuri Christmas Presents generally, please click here.

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