Friday, 8 January 2016

Puzzle Wine Pot

Celadon Wine Pot


Manufacturer & Availability
Replicas are available from China and there is even one appearing on Etsy.

Type & Classification
Puzzle Vessel

19 cm (H) x 15 cm (diameter)

Materials & Construction

Here's a puzzle that is totally different...

This was a gift to me from fellow puzzle collector Yee Dian Lee, whom I featured a while back. Lee wrote to me to give me more information about this wine pot:

"....the puzzle winepot (倒流壶 Daoliuhu) which you brought back, it is a replica of a Tang Dynasty celadon piece that was unearthed in 1968 in Shaanxi Province, China. That piece is now kept at the Shaanxi History Museum (陕西历史博物馆) in Xian, Shaanxi. 

A giant replica of this now sits in front of another museum in Yaozhou district near Xian (see the bottom of the page here - )

More details here in Chinese (which can be Google translated) -

The Lilly Library also holds a similar replica (Lion Wine Pot) with some info in its puzzle vessels collection.

Difficulty Level
You fill the vessel from a bottom filling hole...and pour out the wine/liquid from the Lion's spout like an ordinary tea pot. There are a number of illustrations on the internet showing the internal mechanics of the pot and how the vessel is filled and used. I will leave readers to discover these for themselves.

This the first and so far my only puzzle vessel in my collection. A big thank you to Yee Dian Lee for his generosity.

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  1. Hi-
    I just sent you a message not sure if it went through or not so here is a repeat- First of all, Thank You for having this well informed blog. I am happy to have come across it- I have the same Wine Pot Asian Puzzle and instantly fell in love with it - the intricate details are stunning! I am wanting to know how would you go about pricing this for resell purposes? Although I love it I rarely keep anything I find since I am trying to make a decent living. Thank you in Advance for any advice. Again, I am grateful for your blog. Cheers- Kassie