Monday 14 March 2016

Ali's Bolt & Nut Puzzle

Bolt & Nut Puzzle

Ali Morris

Manufacturer & Availability
Produced by Ali Morris. May or may not be available. PM me if you are interested and I will connect you with him.

Type & Classification
Bolt & Nut. 

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At 10cm long, its a huge and heavy bolt!

Materials & Construction
Steel. Looks like any ordinary bolt with a nut. Modified into a bolt puzzle and workmanship is very good.

As far as I know, this is Ali's first bolt puzzle design that he has produced for sale commercially. And a really nice one too!

I have played with a number of bolt puzzles in the past and for most of these, the solution involves most of the time finding a way to unlock the nut (usually held in place by a retaining pin of some sort) and screwing the latter out. 

Ali's bolt puzzle is rather different from the majority in that while the goal is still to unscrew the nut from the bolt, the solution is very unique and the first time I have come across such a dissimilar and unusual solving method. Kudos to Ali for thinking up something different from the rest.

This is one of those puzzles that I can't say more here without letting out spoilers, so my only advice for those interested is to go purchase one from Ali, and I am assuming he still has some left for sale or will be making more. For the craftsmanship and work put into it and from a puzzling aspect, its well worth the money!

Difficulty Level
Not difficult once you discover what needs to be done and how the puzzle works. But rather tricky tho'. Certainly the solution was not at all what I thought it would be or expected and the puzzle stumped me for a while.


  1. Hi Jerry, My Wife recently bought me this bolt puzzle after you kindly connected her to Ali. I have been playing with it for a while and wondered if any tools are required to solve it? Many thanks David.

    1. David, no tools at all are needed.

    2. Thank you for your prompt reply Jerry. OK I will put my angle grinder back in its box then LOL! Looks like I will have to put my thinking cap on...

  2. Is this puzzle still available?

  3. Hi Jerry can you cantact Ali to ask him if he have a copy left and if he have
    The HoKey Cokey Lock too
    Best regards Yacine