Sunday, 3 July 2016


DP3 stands for Daisy Petal Puzzle Pin. It not only resembles a Daisy flower (an "Ox-Eye" daisy) it's also a wearable pin! Now how cool is that?

DP3 was Mike Snyder's IPP25 exchange puzzle and the materials used are White Ash for the petals, Red Oak for the back with pin attached and front center button is an unidentified Yellow Wood. The DP3 measures approximately 7.8cm in diameter.

The puzzle comes assembled and the goal is the remove the magnetic back, scramble the petals and rearrange the 17 petals back around the circular back and pin it onto your clothes. But the moment you remove the magnet back, all the petals will fall out. However, in order to assist with the re-packing, Mike has also provided a jig to hole the magnetic back while you try to re-arrange the petals.

The DP3 indeed looks like a wooden version of the real flower with great detailing, especially the petals. No wonder the fabrication of the puzzle required over 800 man hours and took 6 people to do it. The petals are laser cut and engraved with their identification numerals. Very well made and although the petals may look fragile at first sight, they are actually pretty thick and sturdy. Going by the numbers, here are the stats:-

1. 137 Puzzles made (so I believe Mike may still have some copies left if anyone is interested)
2. 6,302 pieces in total
3. 3,425 glue joints
4.2,466 carved pieces

To pack the 17 petals back into their original state is needless to say very difficult. There appears to be only one way to put back the petals in their original position but the petals can still be packed together in alternate ways although the fit and edge-to-edge line-up of the petals would not be perfect. Not to worry, all the necessary instructions and solution number pattern come with the puzzle.

Beautiful and nature inspired. The DP3 is definitely one of the nicest and more unusual exchange puzzles around for IPP35...and something you can wear too! If anyone is keen, please PM me for Mike's contact.

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