Tuesday, 9 August 2016

IPP36 - Puzzle Party - 7th August 2016

This year's International Puzzle Party (IPP36) was held in Kyoto, Japan from 4th to 7th August 2016. The venue chosen for the festivities was the Kyoto Tokyu Hotel situated about 3.5 km from downtown Kyoto and about 94 km from Kyoto Kansai International Airport.

There were 137 invitees including spouses, partners and kids. Typically the number of attendees for IPPs held in Asia tend to be lesser as a many puzzlers from the US and Europe do not wish to make the long (and perhaps rather costly) journey to Japan.

The Puzzle Party itself was held on Sunday 7th August. To know more and what typically happens at the Puzzle Party, click here.

As the turnout for this year's IPP was lower, the number of "stalls" were fewer and consequently, a lesser number and variety of puzzles were also offered for sale. Nonetheless, the mood of the attendees was no less exuberant and the crowd rushed in when the event doors were opened at 9am sharp. I will let the pictures do the talking....scroll down further to see close-ups...

Eitan Cher

Robert Sandfield

Susumu Kimura & Meiko Kimura (Torito Japan)

Atsushi Katagiri

Shiro Tajima

Brian & Sue Young (Mr Puzzle Australia)

Takahisa Nakanishi

Frederic Boucher (with Anh Bui, Vietnam)

Osanori Yamamoto

Koshi & Yuko Arai

Andrew Rhoda & Kathy Hess

Guan Shi & Min Shih

Emrehan Halici & Ezgi Karasin

The Krasnoukhovs

Wil Strijbos

Tania Gillen

Left: Andreas Rover (Burr Tools) and Gary Foshee

Oscar & Jose van Deventer

Peter Hajek

Henry Strout

John Rausch

Steve Nicholls & Stephen Miller

Allan Stein (Puzzlemaster, Canada) & Amy Jepson

Carl & Patricia Hoff

Nick Baxter (standing) and Jerry Slocum

Sue Toorenburg

Naoaki Takashima

Mr & Mrs Edi Nagata

Hiroshi Uchinaka

Hiroshi Yamamoto

Jerry Slocum

Scott Elliot

Kathleen Malcolmson ("Please please buy my puzzle...")
& Ginda Fisher (kneeling)

Peter von Knorre

Hirokazu Iwasawa
Close up shots of the puzzles...

That's all folks! Look out for my future posts on Exchange Puzzles....


  1. Thank you Jerry! Wonderful pictures of a simply amazing event. We really appreciate the time to upload the images and share them with us. Fantastic... I really like the Box Packing puzzles 'Cross in People' etc. Who offered them for sale? Still keen to get an imaginary Cube Puzzle :-) Definitely want a Trois Chocolate from Frederic Boucher - simply love his puzzles. Not going to even comment about the Dutch Souvenir Pack - LOVE IT! Where can I find Rob Hegge lol

  2. Very nice collection of photos, thanks!

  3. Great pix, Jerry! Thanks for posting!

  4. Great pictures, thanks Jerry.

  5. great Job Jerry.Lots of pictures and i was transfered there.... I could almost smell the carpet!!!

  6. Jerry thanks for the photos, lookslike it was great fun.

  7. Thanks for posting these!