Friday, 2 September 2016

Dwarf Planet D

I am not terribly good at solving interlocking or burr puzzles, unless they are relatively low level. But now and again, I do come across one that I manage to dis-assemble AND re-assemble without any help (eg Burr Tools, photos etc).

The Dwarf Planet D is one such puzzle. In the past I would just have casually termed the Dwarf Planet D an interlocking "burr" but having corresponded with James Dalgety on the use of the right terminology, I shall refer to the Dwarf Planet D as an interlocking puzzle. For those who are interested, James said that...."originally back in the 1960s and 1970s the word "burr" was used to refer to interlocking puzzles made from straight rods with grooves cut out of them.  Like the standard 6-piece burr and Coffin's "Hexsticks"...

Terminology aside, the Dwarf Planet D was Jerry Slocum's IPP36 Exchange Puzzle. Designed by Australian William Hu, the Dwarf Planet D was produced by Brian Young of Mr Puzzle, Australia. 

The puzzle measures 7cm x 7cm x 7cm and comprises 6 "board" pieces each 10mm thick. Three of the large pieces are made from clear acrylic while the smaller ones are sandblasted (looks frosted) to give the puzzle more contrast. A nice touch here! Construction and finish is first rate and all the pieces are precision laser cut to allow for a good fit and sliding of the pieces. Nice details include the fine laser etching of the designer's and exchanger's names etc.

According to Brian, this is a level puzzle. When I played with it, I estimated it to be around 28-30 moves! But who's counting? so long as I manage to take thing apart. The first piece is not that difficult to remove but its the second that got me stumped a bit. I practiced the various steps quite a few times before finally taking the puzzle fully apart, so as to remember the reverse for re-assembly. Thankfully the number of moves are not that high and I actually managed to get everything back together on my own. To be honest, if the puzzle had come un-assembled, I wouldn't have even known where to begin...let alone solve it.

A great interlocking puzzle that is well made and good looking; challenging but not frustratingly so, the latter which is important for me:-). I think most puzzlers (novice or experienced) would enjoy this puzzle, as there are only 6 pieces of which 3 are rather simple looking. Moreover you can see whatever you are doing (nothing hidden) and chart your progress as you go along. I certainly enjoyed playing with the Dwarf Planet D. Available from Mr Puzzle for US$22.62/- 

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