Saturday, 23 July 2011


The puzzle is from the Enigma Series and I acquired it from Mr Puzzle Australia. The puzzle itself consist of a miniature cannon measuring slightly over 2 1/2 inches long resting on a red painted carriage with 4 wheels. The entire puzzle, cannon, carriage and wheels are entirely made of brass. The puzzle is well made and of decent quality. Aside from being a puzzle, it can also function as a cute decorative item once you are done with the puzzling, or even a child's toy (although I think not advisable for those under 3 years!).

The object of the puzzle is to remove a small cannonball (aka ball bearing) hidden within the barrel of the  cannon. Without going into any details which will give away the solution, all I will say is that I found the puzzle relatively easy to solve. But as I found out later, this was due partly to my side-stepping (by chance) one of the moves in the sequence required to remove the cannonball. And also partly due to the way the different parts were fitted together. Hence I was able to remove the cannonball pretty quickly.

For those interested in the Cannonball puzzle, I will give one clue -- the red carriage on wheels has no part to play in the solving of the puzzle :-)

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