Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A New Approach

This is my 201st post! 

Wow, how time has flown by since my first puzzle review over 3 years ago. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the puzzlers and readers out there who continue to read and support my blog and give me useful comments. 

However, starting from now, I have decided I will keep my blog posts short, concise and to the point, more in the style of a very brief overview of the puzzle rather than a lengthy discourse or review. I intend to try to make this blog more like a catalogue of the puzzles that I own or come my way and to feature as many different ones as I can. Very informal and casual.

It really takes a lot of time (and effort) to take nice photos, edit the photos to make them look sharp, measure the puzzles, do the writing, give comments, rate them, add links/URLs or cross-references, make sure the grammar is all correct etc;  I will still try to take good photos as I think a good picture speaks a thousand words. As for links to profiles of designers, manufacturers, sellers and other stuff, my previous posts will have most of them unless there is someone or something new to add.

This approach will allow me more time for my other interests (eg; music-concert flute, physical exercise) as well as family commitments. 

In the coming weeks, I will be adding photos of puzzles in my collection with brief descriptions and reviews. All puzzle photos will of course be uploaded to my page on Mechanical Puzzles on FaceBook. Of course I may still do a more lengthy post on certain puzzles from time to time, but these would be more the exception than the norm. I don't know how this is going to pan out as I am very used to long we'll have to see. 

And I continue to welcome comments as well as questions on puzzles (whether featured on this blog or elsewhere) and requests for tips and solutions.

See... I have rambled on too long already....

Thank You Very Much and Happy Reading!



  1. Congratulations on passing 200! You are right - it is a huge effort to take the photos and to blog. My posts tend to be very long too and can take me many many hours to go from idea to publication! I do sometimes wonder whether I should move towards shorter posts like you?


    1. Kevin, I tried out my short approach yesterday. After dinner, settled my son into bed and got my post on Cubax and Rastaban up in around 15-20 mins (excluding the picture taking which I normally do the moment I receive puzzle)....and I had the rest of the evening to browse through 3 magazines as well as a travel guide on the Cotwolds! And went to bed at around 10:45pm

    2. Wow!!! So much time saved! Do you think people would mind if I also moved to shorter posts? I get the distinct feeling that people seem to like my verbose posts!

    3. Kevin, you won't know until you try....but be warned...shorter posts would mean more time on your hands, leading to more time for other things, and of course, puzzling...and this may lead to more and more money buying puzzles!!