Sunday, 6 July 2014

Shaken Not Stirred!

Shake Something is from up and coming puzzle designer Dan Fast. It has proven to be quite a hit since they were all sold out within days of their release by Eric Fuller.

This interlocking burr consists of 4 "regular" 6 units-long burr pieces which fill a box, making it a packing puzzle as well. 

Object is to remove the pieces from the (only) top opening of the box. Since the pieces can only exit one way, this requires tilting, turning and shaking the box to move (and remove) the individual pieces. You can't see what's happening inside the box so this adds to the difficulty, although on paper, it's (only) a level 14 puzzle. 

And unfortunately the solution is not to be found on either. Get the pieces out and you have a chance at Burr Tools; should you have difficulty (and likely you will) putting things back together like I did.

The box is Walnut, while the pieces are Yellowheart and Chakte Viga. Exotic and un-pronounceable! Construction and finish is excellent with sufficient "looseness" inside the box for the pieces to slide smoothly, even in the relatively humid conditions such as those in Singapore.

This puzzle is one of the more unusual packing or interlocking burr puzzles out there, so its definitely "Something" worth acquiring if you happen to come across it. Hopefully we'll see more of Dan's designs become reality in time to come.

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