Sunday, 18 September 2011


This diminutive puzzle, according to the seller who sold it to me (identity withheld by request) was designed by Jean-Claude Constantine.

It is a tiny packing puzzle comprising of a wooden box frame measuring 1 7/8in x 1 7/8in x 7/8in into which 4 aluminium Ts are to be placed inside. I have been told that the wood used here by Jean-Claude is Wenge (thanks to Geduldspiele for highlighting this to me). The base appears to be 1/8in plywood.  The 4Ts is pretty well constructed with good fit and finish. The aluminium Ts are also well cut without any rough edges.

With 1 of the 4 Ts inserted here...

The goal is to place the 4 Ts back into the box so that everything fits in nicely together with nothing sticking outwards and all 4 Ts are flush with the top of the box. It may look simple at first but it took me a bit of trial and error and re-arrangement here and there before I slotted in the last T nicely. I have deliberately not shown a photo of the puzzle in the solved state since this is a sure giveaway of the solution.

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