Saturday, 10 September 2011

Karakuri Hit Box Dark Yosegi

This puzzle box with the rather unusual surface pattern is from Karakuri and was acquired from PuzzleMaster. Overall measurements are 3 1/2in x 2 3/8in x 1 5/8in. The box seems to comprise of at least 4 different woods to create the staggered pattern (how this is done I am not sure). Quality of construction, fit and finish is really first rate here and feels solid when being handled. It even exudes a rather pleasant woody smell of some sort. My copy is the darker version, there is a lighter coloured version but this was unfortunately out of stock.
The object of the puzzle is to open the drawer which comes out of one end of the box. I figured out the solution very quickly within a minute or two. I guess partly this is because the mechanism which locks the drawer inside the box is of a type which I have come across several times before in the past with other puzzles.
The internal dimensions of the drawer is about 2 1/2in x 1 1/2in x 5/8in, somewhat useful and just large enough to store small items like jewellery, coins, personal effects etc. From a puzzle aspect, not that challenging...but it makes up for it by being a very attractive shelf display item.

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