Saturday, 10 September 2011

Karakuri Small Box # 8

This unusual looking puzzle box made by Karakuri of Japan was acquired from PuzzleMaster. Unlike traditional puzzle boxes that are generally rectangular or square with sharp edges, No 8 is cubical with rounded edges and corners. In addition, protruding from all its six sides are circular shaped "knobs". The lighter coloured body is made of zelkova while the darker knobs are walnut. I bought the box more for its unusual shape and look rather than its puzzle qualities. The box measures about 2 1/8in on all sides and  construction, fit and finish is very good.

I found the No 8 to be pretty easy to solve.  Within a minute or two of playing around with it, I figured out the solution. To solve this puzzle box, some dexterity here is required. The way the box is opened is quite clever and not what I had quite expected. Once opened, No 8 has a very tiny space (rather disproportionate to the overall size of the box I might add) which can house a very small item; too small for a finger ring but certainly enough for a 1 carat diamond!

Overall, No 8 is a relatively easy puzzle and may not appeal to die-hard puzzle box fans. Still, I still feel No 8 is worth acquiring for its rather unusual design and aesthetics. Two other bloggers have also written about No 8 so check out Jonas' and Jeff's blogs.

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