Monday 10 October 2011


This mini safe box puzzle came from Geduldspiele's site under his Exchange section. Tresor means "treasure" and I guess the name is quite suitable for this puzzle. I had first seen the Tresor reviewed on Jeff's blog and decided it was too unusual to miss owning one. Designed by Clause Fohlmeister and made in Germany of quite sturdy plastic, the safe measures 4 3/4in(H) x 3 1/2in(W) x 2 3/4in(D).

Externally, it looks like the miniature of a typical safe with a red coloured combination dial, a keyhole and a four-spoked turn-wheel contrasted against the white colour of the box. At the back there is a slit, presumably for depositing coins for saving. A plastic colour matching red key also comes with the puzzle. The objective of the puzzle is to open the safe door.

For the first couple of minutes, I was fiddling around with the combination dial and turn-wheel and also twisting the key to see if these could get  the door open. Nothing seemed to work at first. I must admit that when I did finally open the safe door, it was really by pure chance. The locking mechanism of the door is quite clever and I would probably have taken much longer to figure out the solution if not for my stroke of luck.

I thought the Tresor was fun, no matter that I found the solution by chance. Besides being a puzzle, it also serves the very useful function of a piggy bank. Will probably pass it on to my son when he is old enough to learn the importance of saving.

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