Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Secret Box

This Secret Box puzzle was a gift from Otis Cheng during IPP34 in London (thank you Otis). Otis is from Hong Kong and an avid twisties collector.

The box is made of wood and produced by Mi-Toys. The designer is unknown (perhaps someone in-house from Mi-toys). Externally its a regular looking rectangular box with a lid but has two knobs on top. Quality is decent; I would say above average, considering this is a mass produced product. 

The object is to open the lid. Like most trick opening/puzzle boxes, the Secret Box requires a number of steps in the right sequence.It takes roughly five steps to fully remove the lid.

Not a very difficult puzzle so I am not sure why its been rated 4 out of 5 stars (graded as "Unbelievable") although the mechanism is pretty well disguised. A fun solve, nonetheless.

The box is functional and can actually store a number of small items. You will also notice it has two slits, one on either side of the box and this makes the Secret Box suitable as a piggy bank. The box would make a very good reasonably priced gift for someone or a novice puzzler. 

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