Saturday, 27 August 2011


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I do not why this puzzle is called Moscow. Perhaps this question should be directed to Hendrik Haak from whom I acquired the puzzle via his website Whatever the name, this is a nice little pocketable puzzle consisting of a wooden rectangular block with a steel peg inserted in the middle.

The wooden block measures 2 5/8in long and 3/4in square while the steel peg is 2in long and 1/2in in diameter. Judging from the orange colour of the wood, my guess is that the block is made of Paduak while the two ends are probably made of ash. Both quality and finish are very good.

The object of the puzzle is to remove the steel peg from the wooden block. The puzzle would pose a reasonable challenge for most but those who are fairly experienced especially with dovetail or similar wooden puzzles would probably figure out the solution fairly quickly. 

There is a locking mechanism that keeps the steel peg inside the wooden block. I have hidden the steel peg behind the wooden block in the photo so as not to give away too much how the peg is locked in place. I took only about 5 mins to solve it the puzzle. Overall a nicely made puzzle with a clever mechanism.

Note: I have received a lot of emails asking for the solution to this puzzle. In fact, the most, of all the puzzles posted on this blog. There is no need to suffer in silence. Please don't hesitate to contact me via my Profile Email if you need the solution. I will send it to you in PDF format.


  1. Hello,
    Someone offer me this puzzle for christmas 2010 and i have never solved it yet. Can you post it online please ?

  2. I normally do not post the solution on my blog. Please email me at and I will let you know the solution to Moscow, thanks!

  3. maybe it's name has to do with the designer, Tatiana Matveeva?

  4. The Moscow puzzle is original made and invented by Tatiana Matveeva
    and used as an exchange puzzle on one of the IPP party's. Tatiana and her father created and produced this puzzle all by themselves. Later on Jean Claude produced this puzzle (with permission from Tatiana) Puzzling Greetings - WGH Strijbos