Sunday, 15 January 2012

Great Collision

The Great Collision was designed by Doug Engel, who runs his own website selling a wide variety of interesting  puzzles. My copy came from PuzzleMaster of Canada. I can only guess why the puzzle is called the Great Collision; because atoms collide in nature and it resembles an atomic nucleus.

This puzzle comprises of 3 curve-shaped pieces all made of aluminium, of which two are identical. Together they interlock to form a "space" which traps a red plastic ball. The overall dimensions of the puzzle are 10cm x 11cm x 7.5cm and the red ball is about 2.5cm in diameter. Overall the quality and finish of the puzzle is pretty decent. It would have received a better rating had the aluminium pieces been anodised instead of merely powder coated black to make it more durable. As the pieces rub against each other in the course of puzzling, bits of black paint start to come off leaving tiny scuff marks on the surfaces.

The object is pretty remove the red ball from the centre. The two identical pieces are interlocked together horizontally, like jigsaw pieces, while the third piece holds the two identical ones in place through the vertical axis. This third piece can "rotate" along the plane of the other two interlocked pieces. To solve, one would have to manipulate this third piece as well as disengage the two interlocked pieces, all at the same time to free the red ball. Everything that needs to be done is visible and I found it pretty easy to take-apart the puzzle.

Re-assembling everything into a whole again was much harder. Here, much more dexterity is also required, especially so when trying to fit the red ball back in place. PuzzleMaster rates it as a 7 in the level of difficulty. I don't really think so...I would rate it somewhere between 5 and 6, with the added fact that it is more difficult to put the puzzle back together. Generally a suitable puzzle for those new to puzzling.

Something interesting to note....on the outside of the plastic packaging, there is also the printed phrase which states..."The More You Play, The Smarter You Get"...Hmm..I am not sure how I can get smarter with repeated playing of this puzzle though!

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